My pram is not listed, can I have one custom made?

We would need the actual pram to get the correct measurements as our liners are custom made. If our local baby shop has your pram, we can measure up off that.
Bassinet Liners - the measurements are simple to take. You can email the length, width and a photo of the mattress to us. 

*We are located on the Sunshine Coast so if you are local we offer a free liner/pram swap deal - we borrow your pram and measure up for you!

Is the waterproofing insert 100% cotton? 

No, it is a soft & durable PUL layer is sewn in the middle of the Liner and cannot be seen. This option is available to provide more protection from spills & unexpected little accidents. It is a soft polyester knit fabric with a breathable waterproof laminate.

When will my order be dispatched?

Your custom order will be shipped in approx 28 days by Express Post

Ready to ship products - Orders will be shipped in approx 3-5 days by Express Post

Are your Liners, Harness Covers & Belly Bar covers reversible?

Yes, you can use both sides of them as they are fully reversible

Can I choose a different fabric for each seat when buying liners for a double pram?

Yes, you can choose two different fabrics for the front and the back

Do your liners accommodate for the PULL FOLD HANDLE that features on some prams?

Yes, our liners are designed to sit under the pull handle. You will never have to lift your liner when folding your pram (Joie Mytrax exluded)

Can I provide my own fabric? 

Yes, you can send your own fabric to us and we can make your custom liner. Just go to provide your own fabric page in the Fabrics drop-down menu. This will provide details of what is needed.

Can I have a different fabric for the front & back of my liner? 

Yes, when purchasing your product, select your pattern fabric choice for the front & back from the drop-down menus. There is an additional charge for a pattern on the back. There is no charge for plain colours on the back.

Are your pram liners machine washable?

Yes, cold machine wash with like colours and line dry straight away. Do not tumble dry.


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