fitting instructions

So by now you have received your order. It can be a little tricky to fit your Liner so here are some instructions to help you...

It can take a little time & patience to get your Liner to sit perfectly. Once you have pulled the crutch and waist straps through the Liner, match up the shoulder strap level with the corresponding buttonholes on the Liner. Flatten it nicely into all the crevices and gaps...we want it to be a super comfy ride for your little one. Bear in mind the cotton wadding option is thin (but serves an important purpose for you) so it will need to be fitted properly and lines the pram nicely.

Just remember our Liners are designed for babies to growing toddlers. Our designs reflect our 10 years experience in making custom Pram Liners. If your product is not what you had hoped for please send us a message and we are happy to help find a solution.


Velcro Strap 

Undo your strap and stand in front of your pram looking down at the seat. Pull the seat all the way toward you and push all of the fabric around the seat top back behind the seat. Now you have a free edge to wrap your strap around. Push your seat back into the pram as far as it can go. This option is used for semi recline and fully recline position to keep your liner can't  be used in laying flat position. Silvercross & Bugaboo Owners - Your pram doesn't have the extra fabric to push back, the velcro strap is wrapped around the top of the seat. Bye Bye to a Liner that falls down :)


Rectangular Cutouts

Fold the bottom left and right half of your Liner into the middle. Feed this bottom half through and under the pull fold handle until the rectangles are in line with the handle. Open your Liner and position it flat into the Pram. The crotch and the waist buckles can now be inserted through the holes. No need to lift your Liner when folding the Pram...Yay!


Stretchy Pocket

Disconnect the top part of your hood from the seat top. Stretch your pocket over the seat top and position it nicely and firmly. Reposition the hood back on the top of the seat. Your Liner is now nice and snug and free from falling down! 

Velcro tabs

Disconnect the top part of your hood from the seat top. Place the velcro strip on the Pram Liner to its opposite strip on the Pram itself. You will notice there are two strips. You only need to use one strip, the second strip is for the Liner when using the reverse side fabric. Reposition the hood back on the top of the seat, matching the velcro strip to that on the liner. Your Liner is now nice and snug and free from falling down!


Elastic Loop

Undo the top two hood buttons, attach the elastic loops and button the hood back together. Bugaboo owners with seat visor on - push the hood right back to expose the seat cap/visor. Thread the elastic loops up through the button holes and attach the elastic around the buttons. Reposition hood as normal. Bye Bye to a Liner that falls down :)

Single Elastic Loop

Peel back the hood, attach the elastic loop around the seat recline lever. Reposition the hood as normal. 

Footmuff attach.jpeg


Once you have strapped your little one into the pram, slide their legs into the sleeping bag pocket at the bottom.

Choose to: Wrap the velcro straps around the pram frame, around the waist straps OR secure over the Belly Bar using the buttons

Button your Footmuff at a suitable height level