bob Pram liners


Motion, Revolution Revolution Pro, Revolution Duallie Pro


from $59

Our Harmony j Liners are designed with customised features to fit your BOB Pram.

The Motion Liner is sewn with a velcro strap at the top of the Liner to keep your liner upright and prevent it from sliding down. It is designed to accommodate the Pull fold handle. The Liner sits under this area so there is no need to unthread the crotch buckle and lift the Liner while folding your Pram.

The Revolution Liner also have a Velcro strap sewn to the top to keep it upright. We have designed the Liner so the waist area is big enough to feed through nicely making sure the support casing hugs around bub.

Boths Liner are rounded at the bottom and extend to the end of the seat.

It is easy to put on and take off and are machine washable.

*** Bassinet Liners are also available ***


about our liners...

Harmony j Pram Liners are made with 100% Cotton fabric on the front and the back. 

200gsm Polyester Tontine Ultrafresh wadding is used for the inside to provide a soft, comfy and warm feeling for your little one. Your pram may need a face lift or it is just simply too hard for your babies skin. Protect your pram from mess and spills and from general wear and tear. All liners are simple and easy to use and are sewn to the highest quality.


Optional extras...

Patterned fabric on the reverse side - all liners are reversible so both sides can be utilized. Please select this option from the "Reverse side" drop down menu in the shop.

100% Cotton wadding - suitable for sensitive and allergy prone skin. Here at Harmony j we sew 2 layers of cotton wadding to provide more softness. The Cotton wadding inner is thin and does not provide the high loft as the Polyester wadding does. You can view the difference below.

Waterproofing - inserted in the middle of the liner and cannot be seen. This option is available to provide more protection from spills & those unexpected little accidents. It is a soft and breathable polyester knit with a breathable waterproof laminate (not cotton).